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In 2010, Intermedical had introduced 3 new "customer focused" divisions of the company each focusing in different areas of healthcare. Homecare, Cardio Respiratory & Direct are our newly formed divisions.


Intermedical Cardio Respiratory is a specialist division of Intermedical set up to focus specifically on the Respiratory sector of Healthcare. We are specialists in Spirometry, Smoking Cessation, 24hr Ambulatory blood pressure monitors & Sleep diagnostics. We are also a manufacturer and distributor of Spirometry Consumables for major brand diagnostic equipment.


Visit our Websites


 www.intermedicaldirect.com - Full range of our respiratory product range online


 www.comonitors.com - Mini-site specifically for Bedfont Breath CO Monitors and consumables.

Cardio Respiratory Division Contacts

Richard Haynes
Primary Care Manager
T: 01732 522444
M: 07584 682275
E: richard.haynes@intermedical.co.uk


Andrew Allen
Secondary Care Manager
T: 01732 522444
M: 07884 667321
E: andrew.allen@intermedical.co.uk

Marc McDonnell
UK Sales Manager
T: 01732 522444
M: 07584 682274
E: marc.mcdonnell@intermedical.co.uk