Bedfont piCO Smokerlyzer

Handheld, portable breath CO monitoring tool for use in smoking cessation. Large touchscreen display with PC connectivity.
The Bedfont piCOTM Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor is an essential tool used by stop smoking clinics and health advisors in order to help motivate smokers to quit the habit.
The device features a large touchscreen colour display with a simple user interface for complete ease of use. With just one touch of a button, a user can perform a test following the on-screen prompts for when to inhale, exhale and when to stop.
The device analyses the amount of carboxyhaemoglobin (%COHb) and carbon monoxide levels (ppm) present in a breath sample with results displayed in seconds. PPM and %COHb values are shown as well as the familiar green, amber and red traffic light system providing the user with a visual interpretation of results. The piCOTM Smokerlyzer® can also be connected to a PC via USB cable using the free COdata+ software. The software allows the input of patient data, capture of readings whilst the device is connected to the PC, storing of results, interpretation and reporting. (USB cable not included).
Designed with infection control in mind, the plastic casing of the device is made using SteriTouch® technology, a material that eradicates 99.9% of harmful bacteria on contact. Using the latest in sensor technology, the piCOTM Smokerlyzer® does not require calibration however verification gas and kits are available to check the status of the monitor if required. The device comes complete with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.
The device uses a re-usable, multi-patient d-piece combined with Bedfont’s patent pending Steribreath® single-use mouthpieces. Steribreath® mouthpieces are available in boxes of 250 and are individually sealed for optimal infection control.
Key Features.
Touchscreen operation
Clear colour graphics and easy to navigate interface for complete ease of use

One touch testing
Perform a test in seconds with easy to follow prompts on-screen

Traffic light results indicator
Visual way to easily interpret test results using the familiar green, red and amber traffic light system

USB connectivity to PC using COdata+
Using COdata+ software, capture and store readings for patients.

Excellent infection control
Built with SteriTouch®, bacteria is killed on contact minimising infection risk. SteriBreath mouthpieces come individually sealed.

5-Year warranty

Manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind .