High Output Nebuliser which delivers medication quickly and efficiently

• Anti-spill “Tee” design
• Leak-proof and secure seal with simple 1/4 turn assembly design
• Very low dead volume (0.7cc)
• High medication bowl capacity (10cc)
• Graduated volume (cc) markings on bowl
• Nebulises in upright positions or at angles up to 45°
• Latex Free

Aerosolised Medication Device for Infants. An alternative to aerosol “blow-by”

The PediNebTM was designed to enhance the delivery of aerosolised medication, while reducing the apprehension encountered by young patients.

• Pacifier. Calms the infant/toddler during aerosol treatment. Medication is inhaled through the nose, not the mouth.
• Medication Port. Directs aerosolised medication to the nose and eliminates medication waste associated with the “blow-by” technique.
• VixOne small volume nebuliser. Clinically proven, providing superior medication delivery performance.
• Easy to operate, clean and efficient.
• Developed by a pediatric nurse practitioner.
• Latex free.

HEART® Nebulisers
Better outcomes at lower cost through continuous nebulisation therapy

The high–output extended aerosol respiratory therapy {HEART®} system is unsurpassed in delivering continuous nebulisation therapy in inpatient and outpatient settings.

• The HEART Direct Connect highoutput nebuliser—up to 8 hours of therapy—attaches directly to the flowmeter— additional entrainment port
• The HEART high–output nebuliser —up to 8 hours of therapy
• The IV Heart™ high-output nebuliser—up to 4 hours of therapy**
• The MiniHEART® Lo-Flo nebuliser —over 3 hours of therapy**
• The low–cost and Lo-Flo UniHEART™ nebuliser—ideal for Emergency Department use and flow sensitive ventilators**
• The MiniHEART® Hi-Flo Nebuliser — for 1 hour therapies.

**An IV Connector port is available for longerterm
therapy via drip feed or infusion