ndd EasyOne Pro Portable DLCO

Color Touch-Screen Interface
Embedded PC Function
Highly Portable
Robust, Calibration-Free
Small Footprint
Open system “le dernier cri” in patient interface design, comfort and gas management
No bags, fast gas without valve contact, light weight (120 - 300 gr), ergonomic design with the state of the art proven spiretteTM for safe, tight, secure, contamination free patient contact with a place to put the teeth.
The components of the patient interface “2-in-1” tube from the main unit
- external tube never exposed to patient ex- haled breath
- internal tube with permapure system never exposed to ambient conditions
- DLCO gas control unit actuator (motor)
- patient interface main body
- spiretteTM the ndd introduced single use consumable that changed spirometry for good
- barrietteTM the ndd virtual bacteria filter
- control and measurement cable to main unit
Connection tube patient interface to main unit
“2-in-1” tube assembly
- outer tube supplies the DLCO gas, on demand, patient side is always isolated from supply
- inner tube draws the sample for CO measurement (temperature and humidity adjusted)
Socket for measurement / control cable
“2-in-1 click” tube low pressure socket
New technology state of the art lung function analyzer:
- highly portable, self contained, instant point of care/bedside use, no warm up time
- no add-on components required (PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.)
- easy to maintain
- 3 units with simple connection: patient interface, main unit, DLCO gas cylinder
- robust, calibration free, instant on sensors
- color touch screen interface, wide view angle, hygienic, use with gloves, disinfectant friendly surface
- industrial standard embedded PC, Windows XP embedded operating sys- tem, supports standard printer, network, security and peripheral device functions
DLCO gas control unit
- high pressure reduction
- pressure safety relief system
- high flow, low resistance, low cracking pres- sure demand valve
- gas sample pump
- micro automatic calibration test gas circuit
Mobility and portabil­ity of EasyOne Pro
Extremely mobile for the following reasons:
- quick disconnection and reconnection
- no warm up time at new location
- automatic calibration for EasyCO
- no calibration for TrueFlow, over 40’000 applications spanning 9 years, publications supporting manufacturer’s claim, calibration check data from thousands of instruments (EasyOne) in world wide use, papers on the theory of operation are published on www.ndd.ch
Maintenance and serviceability of EasyOne Pro
The 3 components are totally interchangeable and replaceable
- consumable (single patient use) are only 2 items: BarrietteTM and the SpiretteTM
- patient interface components:
“2-in-1” tube needs no maintenance, cleaning is possible, a yearly ex- change is recommended.
- the main unit can be serviced by exchange unit without any set up work due to ndd FLASH memory card containing all relevant data: customer specific set up and configuration data, patient data made with the original unit
- the whole patient interface unit can be replaced without any need for calibration or adjustments
- DLCO gas (He 10 %, CO 0.3 %) can be locally provided in bottles of different sizes allowing for specific needs
Additional features for remote function checks, remote service and remote maintenance in accordance with the facilities of the EasyOne Pro (see con­nections) as well as with customers’ possibilities (availability of internet connectivity at site etc.) are possible. Please enquire when opportune with details of requirements and description of availability. For warranty con­tact your ndd distributor.
Main unit high-resolution color touch screen display
Type: LCD
Size: 12,1 inches
Resolution: 1024 x 768
User friendly:
weighs less than 8 kg, small foot print: 34 x 25 cm, suitable for use with protective gloves and easy cleaning (maintenance).